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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you need more information in regards to Evrotrust mobile application please visit:

Once you register as a user on the app, your smartphone device can be used to sign document, register on websites & web portals and more.

QES stands for Qualified Electronic Signature. You can sign digital documents with a QES. It is an analog for a hand made signature. A QES is the most secure legal tool to sign something without being physically present.

Your e-certificate can be downloaded from your profile page on this website.

E-certificate is an electronic copy of a certificate, i.e. a certificate for a registered address.

Permanent address is the address, on which you live according to the citizen registry. According to the Civil registration act, Art. 93, a permanent address in a populated area is the address that's added to the citizen registry. The permanent address is also used for communication with state authority, local authority, exercising your rights or using services, defined by law or regulation. Current address is the address, on which you live /in compliance with the Civil registration act, Art. 94 . A permanent address may also be your current address.

Everyone is required to have a valid ID document (ID card / passport), after which the documents required from you will depend on your user status (owner, tenant, etc.) See below for more information.

Studentski district consists of Studentski Grad, Darvenitsa, Musagenitsa, Malinova Dolina, Vistoha VEC-Simeonovo and part of Mladost 1 (from bul. Sv. Kliment Ohridski until bul. Tsarigradsko shose).

The service is in its pilot phase, which starts in "Studentski" district and will gradually add 3 more districts - "Sredets", "Slatina" and "Vitosha". If the pilot is successful, then the project can scale up and gradually include all districts of Sofia Municipality. Furthermore given the legal parameters of the Civil registration act, address registration cannot happen on poperties that are ateliers, studios, etc. In such cases, you would have to go to the office of your local district.

Yes, all of your personal data is protected and saved in the GRAO system. Any changes in your address registration made on this platform will be official. Тhis e-service is only possible with an electronic signature, which holds the same legal value as the hand-written signature. Evrotrust is a qualified trust service provider and is fully certified by European and Bulgarian institutions. For more information:

This is an online service with an entirely digital process which you can go through at any time. To access you need an electronic device (computer / laptop), a smartphone and a stable internet connection. А step-by-step process has been provided in the "How does it work" section above.